Saturday, August 06, 2022

Seoul Webfest 2022 - Ticket Sales

  -A festival that connects creators around the world as one

-Various attractions, screening, GV, art market, photo booth, etc.

Seoul Webfest, a web-specialized international festival that celebrates its 8th anniversary this year, will be held from August 18 to 20 at Lotte City Hotel & L Convention in Guro. This event is hosted by the Seoul Webfest Organizing Committee and sponsored by Buil Contents. Seoul Webfest is a web-specialized digital content festival, a user-centered content festival in a form of new media that combines internet networks and movies. Conventional media content consumption was monopolized, controlled, and closed by a small number of media producers. On the other hand, in web series, consumers produce and distribute content through hypertext and network connection. It is easy to break free from the obsession with the completeness of media content and try fresh materials and expressions, and it is easy for new actors to enter the actors out of the famous ones. All participants are content producers and consumers, and Seoul Webfest is the venue for global content festivals. A total of 191 works were nominated for this event, including 151 works from 28 overseas countries and 40 works from Korea. This year, the number of works from the United States, Singapore, Japan, and Brazil has increased significantly in overseas nominations. As for the nominees for Korean works, there have been many appearances of branded web dramas, K-pop star idols, and nominations for awards. A total of 13 films were nominated for the award, including the video content <Seoul Story Contest>, <Alley, Into Time, Walk>, which was made with an old shop in Seoul as the background. As for the topical work, <@User Not Found>, a romance mystery mystery starring Jinyoung Bae of group CIX (CIX), was nominated for Best Picture and Jinyoung Bae was nominated for Best Actor. 'Idol Drama' and <Broke Rookie Star> starring Astro Rocky, a former K-pop idol, was also nominated for Best Picture, and Rocky was nominated for Best Actor. The romance web drama <Two Different Woojoo>, starring Lee Soo-min and Inseong of SF9, was nominated for Best Picture and Lee Soo-min was nominated for Best Actress. <Find Me If You Can>, a mystery romance thriller starring MJ and Rocky of Astro from K-pop idols, MJ and Moonbin are competing side by side for Best Supporting Actor nominations. In addition, director Kim Jae-gyeom's short story <Main Street> is a work depicting lonely protagonists living in a downtown area. Actor Minha Kim, who played the lead role in <Pachinko> produced by Apple TV, was nominated for Best Actress in this work.

At this event, actor Kim Myeong-ho, who was nominated for the Best Actor Award at an international film festival for the web drama Secretly Sweetly Season 1, and was selected as a public relations ambassador. And the international ambassador is Hanna Vaikhevych, an Ukrainian and Polish model and actress currently working in Korea.

Executive Chairman Young Man Kang said, “This year’s Seoul Webfest planned special events to expand the web brand. In particular, the matchmaking event between Korean creators and foreign creators enables Korean creators to collaborate with foreign officials as well as active business exchanges. will do it,” he emphasized.

The Seoul Webfest Awards Ceremony will be held on Saturday, August 20th with K-Pop performance, photo wall photo shoot, red carpet, and buffet. Type A tickets allow you to enjoy screening, GV, art market, and photo booths for two days on the 18th and 19th, and type B tickets allow you to attend red carpet, fashion shows, buffets, ideological ceremonies, and photo time on the 18th and 19th as well as on the 20th. . Seoul Webfest tickets can be purchased online.


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